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We will always hold our loved ones in our hearts.

Angel Hearts is an online memorial site to allow us to share our departed pets, family and friends with others. Our love for them will never leave our hearts. We will think of them every day and miss them. Some days we may think of them with sadness and other days with joy and happiness. Sometimes, our biggest fear is that others will forget them.

Angel Hearts will provide a place for them so their lives and love will always be near. Maybe our loved one was someone that made an impression on a lot of others lives, and maybe they were just really special to us and our family. It does not make any difference how many lives they affected, only that they were special to us. So to remember them and to share their lives and love with others, I have started this website. They now have a place where their lives and love will always be near.

This site is dedicated to three people in my life that will never be forgotten, my brother, who was my protector, my friend and who died at the age of twelve teaching me that not everyone lives to an old age, and to my mom and pop who were very special people in my life. They taught me to be an honest person, to be able to live with myself and with the decisions that I made, to be happy and to believe in myself. I thank God that I was blessed with such a loving family.

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 Bugsy Oslund

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   Bailey Thorpe (unk)

   Bambi (unk)

   Fluffy (unk)

   Kahli (unk)

   killer (unk)

   Poopsie (0th)

   Sammy (0th)

   Shiloh (0th)

   TIGGER (unk)

   Tiggy (unk)

   Bussie aka Mouse (1st)

   Carina (1st)

   Daisy Duke (1st)

   Dinky (1st)

   Laddie (1st)

   Patch (1st)

   Taz (1st)

   Wiskey (1st)

   Lady Bird (2nd)

   Gizmo (3rd)

   MANDI (3rd)

   Minx (3rd)

   Oscar (3rd)

   PJ (3rd)

   Rock (3rd)

   Tia (3rd)

   Becker (4th)

   Dusty (4th)

   Jabee (4th)

   Leo Joseph Appelbaum, Jr. (4th)

   Pluto (4th)

   Sam (4th)

   Samantha (4th)

   Smokey (4th)

   Tucker Ogimaa Jackway (4th)

   Blackie (5th)

   Dazey Mae (5th)

   Heidi (5th)

   Lucifer aka Bubbie (5th)

   Mel T. Monaco (5th)

   Sierra Kidd (5th)

   V.J. (VIN JR.) (5th)

   Casey (7th)

   Clyde (7th)

   Gizmo (7th)

   Jesse James (7th)

   Lady (7th)

   Morgan (7th)

   "Baby Girl" (8th)

   Duke Babies Vasquez-Alvarado (9th)

   Heidi (9th)

   Maxwell Nicholas (9th)

   Mercedes Johnson (9th)

   Napoleon (9th)

   Pooh (9th)

   Montgomery (Monte) HB Lewis (10th)

   Richard C.H.Shreve (10th)

   Shiloh (10th)

   Gidget (11st)

   Graham Paul Moyse (11st)

   My Sweet Canine Son Bubba (11st)

   Rusty (11st)

   TIGGER (11st)

   Woody (11st)

   Precious Baby (12th)

   ~*~Fufie~*~ (12th)

   Brody (13th)

   Douglas Berry (13th)

   Elizabeth Ann Phillips (13th)

   Harley (13th)

   Robert Lee Smith (13th)

   CLEO (14th)

   Funny Bunny (14th)

   Poopsie (14th)

   Annie (15th)

   Bubbah (15th)

   Dancing Snowflake (15th)

   Foozie (15th)

   Princess (15th)

   Sammy Wallace (15th)

   Sasha Perrault (15th)

   vanilla "nilla bean (15th)

   CH. Gemar's Anything Goes aka Cole (16th)

   Chelsea (16th)

   Corey (16th)

   Gizmo (16th)

   Leonardo (16th)

   Mary Ann O'Neill Carolan Terretta (16th)

   Mitzi (16th)

   Boomer (17th)

   Martha McGinnis (17th)

   Piggy Pooh (17th)

   Scamper (17th)

   Serena (17th)

   Shylo Chandler (17th)

   ♥ Shiloh ♥ (18th)

   Angel (18th)

   Ashton (18th)

   Fritz Lee Jude (18th)

   Suede (18th)

   Mercedes Johnson (19th)

   Tippy (19th)

   Ellie (20th)

   PeeWee (20th)

   Sarabi Aurora aka Sara (20th)

   Chafu (21st)

   Gabe (21st)

   Joey (21st)

   Maggie Turner (21st)

   Michael D. Williams (21st)

   Bear (22nd)

   Chelsea (22nd)

   Sweetie Pie (22nd)

   Houston (23rd)

   Lobo (23rd)

   Megan Danielle (23rd)

   Pretty Princess Mullins (23rd)

   Whitie (23rd)

   Angel (24th)

   Jack (24th)

   Tojo (24th)

   Earl J. Rodgers (25th)

   Elizabeth Borland (Bessy) (25th)

   Lucy (25th)

   Myriam M. Marrero (25th)

   Sammy (25th)

   Shadow (25th)

   Alice Legault (26th)

   Brittney Eve (26th)

   Elizabeth Ann Phillips (26th)

   My dad (26th)

   Takarra Tola (26th)

   Flower Bandit Tifanny (27th)

   Rowdy (27th)

   Sheeba (27th)

   Chianti Marie Beauchemin (29th)

   Jack E. Myllymaki (29th)

   Peanut (29th)

   Tinkerbell (29th)

   Ash (30th)

   Donald "Donnie" Alan Bachelor (30th)

   Harry Lee Mercantel (30th)

   Katana (30th)

   Ringo (30th)

   vanilla "nilla bean (30th)

   John Schneegas (31st)

   Orry (31st)

   Snowy (31st)

Next Month

     Annabell (unk)

     bobby (unk)

     Gumis (unk)

     Jack (0th)

     Kalypso (unk)

     Maxine (unk)

     Punkin (unk)

     Tiger (unk)

     Valentine (unk)

     Wiskey (unk)

     Zwette (unk)

     "Baby Girl" (1st)

     Angel (1st)

     Pinky (1st)

     Sammy (1st)

     Baxter (2nd)

     Beethoven (2nd)

     Bussie aka Mouse (2nd)

     Dolores M Garza (2nd)

     JJ (2nd)

     Madilyn (2nd)

     Ruby Tuesday (2nd)

     Simba (2nd)

     Trixie (2nd)

     Breaux Cephus (3rd)

     Jina (3rd)

     Katie (3rd)

     MANDI (3rd)

     Max (3rd)

     Annie (4th)

     Mabel Mae Riddle Smith Clinedinst (4th)

     Roxy (4th)

     Jeff (5th)

     Jorge Leroy Wells (5th)

     Maggie Mae (5th)

     Max (5th)

     Rachel Joy Scott (5th)

     Sarabi Aurora aka Sara (5th)

     Derby (6th)

     Graham Paul Moyse (6th)

     Rusty (6th)

     sara renee benn (6th)

     Toscanini (6th)

     George (Bud) Pierce (7th)

     Kaycee (7th)

     Maxwell Twinkle Porreca (7th)

     Rosebud (7th)

     Socks (7th)

     Crystal (8th)

     Lucy (8th)

     Tigger (8th)

     Tiggy (8th)

     lucky (9th)

     Shadow (9th)

     Chukie Boy Little Guy (10th)

     Molly (10th)

     Abby Gail (12th)

     Prissy (12th)

     Duke (13th)

     Robert Lee Smith (13th)

     Scooter (13th)

     Socks (13th)

     Tidus (13th)

     Duncan (14th)

     Benjamin Lee Burleson (15th)

     Brandon (15th)

     Madison Noel (15th)

     Mandy (15th)

     Maxie (15th)

     Mel T. Monaco (15th)

     Nala Oliver (15th)

     Rebecca Wall (15th)

     Snowball (15th)

     Chanel (16th)

     Gladys Faye Young Green Housman W. Utterback (16th)

     Kuddlez, Ramirez (16th)

     Mandy (16th)

     Noa King White (16th)

     Peanut (16th)

     Preciosa, Ramirez (16th)

     RUSTY COLON (16th)

     Sparky (16th)

     Bella (17th)

     Joyce Jones (17th)

     Cecil (18th)

     Lloyd (18th)

     Bandit & Toby (19th)

     Jake (19th)

     Pepper (20th)

     Buddy Joey (21st)

     Maggie (21st)

     Savannah (21st)

     Trixie (21st)

     Candy (22nd)

     Douglas Berry (22nd)

     Heidi (22nd)

     Jazz (22nd)

     Neil Henry (22nd)

     Trooper (22nd)

     William (Bill) Arment (22nd)

     Byron "Little Man By By" (23rd)

     Cookie (23rd)

     PEACHES (23rd)

     Mary - War Dog (24th)

     Penny (24th)

     Rhoda Alice Blight (24th)

     Sasha (24th)

     Smudge (24th)

     Alice Legault (25th)

     Ashlyn Nichol (25th)

     Chief (25th)

     Cooper (25th)

     Crystal (25th)

     Jack (26th)

     Maxie (26th)

     Snowball (26th)

     Sophia (26th)

     Murrell Fay Housman (27th)

     Yuki Kumo Werner (27th)

     Angel (28th)

     Lady (28th)

     Sassy (28th)

     Biscuit (29th)

     Chief (29th)

     Emma Jean (29th)

     Emma Jean (29th)

     Jenny (29th)

     Tiny Girl (29th)

     Bessie (30th)

     Byron "Little Man By By" (30th)

     Cezar (30th)

     Cezar (30th)

     Dakota (30th)

     Dapper Dan (30th)

     Gabby (30th)

     Manor from Heaven (30th)

     Safi (30th)

     Smokey Joe (30th)

     Whitey (30th)

     Winston (30th)

     Donna Phillips (31st)

     Raja (31st)

     Shadow (31st)